An Amazing Breakthrough
in Antimicrobial Technology

A New World of Cleanliness;
a Whole Galaxy of Applications


Micro-Texpur® is a product whose function is so basic and yet whose performance is so beneficial, that its usefulness and value are unlimited

Once you really start to think about the difference that Micro-Texpur® makes – cleanliness that is instant, cleanliness that does not harbour or incubate its opposite, cleanliness that does not pollute as a by-product, and cleanliness that lasts – its usefulness and its potential value are endless.

It’s an entirely new prescription, if you will, for the health and safety side of Healthcare. It’s a new recipe for Food preparation standards. And it should be more than a passing fashion for Apparel manufacturers and users. It can be used in the Military, Police, Sports (in fact, anyone who wears a uniform) to guard against infections.

Exploring the Healthcare applications, as an example, will show us just some of its benefits in more detail.

Micro-Texpur® – benefits at a glance

  • Up to 99.99% reduction in microbes such as Staph A and E. Coli in one wash
  • Antimicrobial effect lasts months without reapplication, or the life of a garment
  • No “zone of inhibition” where microbes can adapt, mutate and reproduce
  • No environmental impact similar to silver-ion’s flaking and leaking
  • No time or effort impact on typical laundry practices and processes
  • No additional cost – in fact, we believe that the long-term avoidance of claims for cross-infection will see Micro-Texpur® save organisations millions

Healthcare: a microcosm of the microbial world

One of the most significant threats to Healthcare today comes from nosocomial infections, which can be caused by microorganisms on surfaces and other materials in the hospital or healthcare provider. In fact, many people put off needed visits to a healthcare facility just because they’re afraid of catching one.

These deadly infections are caused by bacteria, parasites, fungi and other microorganisms, spread, according to infectious disease experts, by inadequate hygiene. Keeping a healthcare facility (whether it’s a hospital, doctor’s office, drugstore or veterinary clinic) clean and sterile can be almost impossible.

That is because, until recently, even the most expensive antimicrobial cleaner didn’t actually kill the microbes on contact, but just poison them. This could take as long as 24 hours and almost always left a “zone of inhibition,” which meant that some of the microbes stayed alive long enough to adapt, mutate or reproduce. This allows quick evolution permitting the microbe to produce offspring that have a stronger tolerance to the poison. Eventually they can become completely resistant to it and a super bug is created.

In trials in the UK and in the US, Micro-Texpur® has been seen to inhibit the growth and transfer of up to 99.99% of microbes on one application (be it added to the wash or sprayed on a door handle). Micro-Texpur® keeps on protecting for months before reapplication is necessary. Micro-Texpur® does not produce a “zone of inhibition” that allows the bug to mutate and grow. It does not pollute the surrounding environment like silver-ion solutions do. It does not impact on existing cleaning practices and processes. And it is no more expensive than detergent.

If Micro-Texpur® can solve the hospital superbug problem, what could it do for your challenges, your organisation, your industry?